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Full text of "Superintendents of the Yellowstone National Parks Monthly Reports, February 1929"

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..XfillQvzs.tanfi national park 

File No. 

Monthly Report for 

19 2 9 




This file constitutes a part of the official records of the 
National Park Service and should not be separated or papers 
withdrawn without express authority of the official in charge. 

All Files should be returned promptly to the File Room. 

Officials and employees will be held responsible for failure 
to observe these rules, which arc necessary to protect the integ- 
rity of the official records. 


U. S. QOVIRMIUNT ntlNTIN.i CUTI IT. ,OJ7 0"7410 DifCCtOT, 


*Mrerv 6, a 

Tho ..<lr«t»tor, 

i*er >. BiPMl 

She Is cjgjr rej>ort oo the 
..or?ic« In leii^i; 

- < ■jUoeBl 

All roads In the fttrfc* excei t the sac < . a«Mr< 

Ho i Bft *>n, m«r, were *..-• w»r« : llol 

to I letter ;.§n 

I lafttlata l:« ilstarrfre .«t*een Jisafcir ■ 
HWNl pieces alar:/ the Bill 

ra*4e erooad ttaassoto were *€»pt ss •.. i »r, of saw ge 
snail tractor «n<S grt -. 
winds ,»ta In u* ,^>ntU this wai Iff I 

- Adnlnlati 

itttS »f .-or* 

II I ■ ■ - I I II I 

/ttdroAr^ 1st Bagtr i -t vs Sapi 

•I <$r «aaa f leas 

who *a« a, .'ftauer, 

the *e" . *a o ei - . ^r«r, •-. I 

•4 la ;o to 

Contain I ;tl«« an •>*- 

. Assist . sained I 

tian of h, fee J 
a tr: to Sow Xor*, eor i. ou aoeouati ttars , 

fiaperir... ndect -Jaffa ®se -nt of has *tfliowsu>ae« 

Dae to ttie nei a? Xr*» *nra rear JMMH 

J, tati p«r* wee ait service* of a f 

t&» filinr w3r<v wma 9»tti ... 

- g • Mrs . 
of tfe* aonto witt. * view to - :»u>, 

Fivt» i - -tions w#r# rdc<*ive4 - 

tor,, or tr.6 *oosl Civil 

awc(.*nic , sm - k r*»wru- 

»r v . I i foor smn sfeo h*v* i- 

s s..*'j« i*»il»e gr$a»s sna were; s 

12^ - Pft* 

ii m . ill. II III ■ 

12/ - 

fir* i« H« ua».<, *ho fe*8 ^o«i »s»l. . iti- 

jrstion <sor : i Lift gp&Bt ft ]>**rt oi ths 

Ui ftlo*£ *■•< a rtn »y* sni tau r >c«in^#r et Msswaoth in 1 

photogrspfclc «na off las f . Hie r 

? *The «*■ tfe^r for K m4 v#r v . *n.; b 

Tssipsrs turns M lo* r.r 47 &*$**+* ^*i*)w *<» 

.:'»do u'»aen« .r. f#» wsjv* t it lh» fc««ii-. '. . : th 

did not crust tb* MM on thi tU rt'. 
th«r* W»r« SO :V4V*as»&tS of MNFit 1 

to tfc* lo#<*r rai. Jjs p»r 

"Cor;*! I ittsnti n M » | i-?on BO th» fs*. 

ra*> . Ikil .'..t,., hare wdre on *#t • .,:.■ , ■'. / • I . Hi 

£snon t «* 3 it ttto Upp^r 'tench , atwssr. . 

tn* iUiv&r Sip iinach, rso* fij fa* ht 

six) nosr ths old jamt .tench, ftia nor J of J : novt-- 

to tho foadinr f:rr>a»4«t profor :'orsjj?« in fr 

inch so of sno«. *n* 8 

tl* usuaii; *r«» on fee 4 grinds • 2tee*>*> t)« -n to ««t th# n^j' whoa It 

is nstalsd out fro ana go tne tUu,er oe soon si t 

iisv© ostttn** f»v oid on*a regain sa to 

do ■•! co'io out of to* tiawsr antii no*rl^ a ■ r. . in this 

?n is in poor ti 

"At ti» Lraf H«neh I Of h*»4 »ro aivl.itti » f«41«mii I 

4 l»0 «piil«»)| 7^* C«iv»B Md .-. M PiW 

t>« i«. poor tta - . 2ho8« flto/ in elo&*4 ^; lau 

ground* tiitt entire ip t > pevt; 

n«or U:y f tot din- fWMili &vin. s ^vo uwr, ne.lo L . swovr» 

vhion i« arnica? . ■ 

w ttet oonelaarcb food ii o.tain«4 ujj« Um o. itiiM ftt-^ is 
«▼! i«rt -#i. b«» «al .ail hrvo u«»n ou8«r*»d t 

u I 

)».:.'; C4 l ..a'ti* * « *»•- 



down fif toen -ilnatvs after Uw uti w 

whl.v th^r- .*ae plow.!)/ it hsy rejMialaa, on '.he groonda. 

■I il lj f i ve p wa fe ^ par ia 

fed at uotn ranch* a and toe>M>lr4fl .>: SO ttWIW - 

per heau fur i«^ i fed «t I ia* 

nl tar., ©o. IliOM on ro INI 

during eo&aery ana February* ffl»>igti an Uen dl:&«t ever,. 

to cover . --ia ana faces- hot there go. I 

joo poaeiuiiit,, M peraciiio*l iiioot* . MM nl .:. 1 

enothe* I ..i^h fee-iit*-; or fro., i. i: ... ... . f course, 

un. I wt-ather conHtlotiA t:d I totei. ff rw*t« 

"At the Up par ftonoh the cottonseed MlMJ on 

. food grannie in piles of 5* i0 *^ I > 

been scare >.;. > At % out 

each day with, and on t . the fatal- i of ha,,-, Ml -«n 

.t9s» extt 

"Shore ia no douut Mlt 1 S0« 

• J for the t>2 . *e eeeds of th* xeeds on r sea aat I* 

on tnaif not* ngo contain about tha some food eiu»«it8 - 

s«ed, in soawfcet aif ferent prwwortl fct- 

MlMP plmt i l he P . o hay wild eun- 

flower end thlatie atalss i>y M K MMM AMI and est t? 

''eat re.lsh. '.ho see--;*b of the nt» are ro- 

teln a»d c«r -a tee alatlar M I | Mltl MMM • 

"in Jac th.. el* eere fed • cottonseed o*fce, 

to th* MM fwiMJ fed here, in \ - . . a eat N ww| II 

and the animals opps do well 

region were ao well Ijapressod *i eerlla tfast oo 

qoantity/ «». 0SM1 ana stored for use I . I . ornery At 


*9Eho hay Mi Plough Creo--- ie the »e*t %ild he. I MM ever 

aeen end MHI put up laat MMMN po« II I 

graaeer m, weeds that er* Ml to ei. in 

a value will ran* or* a par or flbOM that tf U 
Eanoh sows swoop grass, .«*, ia mixed 

in witfe IM) wore desirable plfats bat f Mm OJMftUtl I b*vo seen 

rl .i .. do trod i. 

the excellence f i Men i .ooflh 

^reeK ani the lir^e addi ti :>nol qaantli.. m -rveatoa and 

at"»rea t.iore it might be we f each he., er ua 

tonaeed oaxe for feod] 

"For uaw along the fellow noatii of 

Creo ♦ oo tt^ usee J oa>. 

of k.. : t.j i riDK algr* lions in ymr* ei 

t . ,r, 1 Laatn at aaed ! 

• ah* par«s. Mi pravtrit a larva U i os*e c 

in a ruse of the rencn -ago ahl OTsrrmiBt owns nam Saral- 

:»«r aaa packed to ta« ai* 00 ra-iaitv< • 

i' t/lii. 

in that it« Mapati ;s aj>. ; li- 

MM* to .-ftAtnumt of diaacsac that the anl I fro»» 

r it is 44 1 HM>] « nasiber Loagn 

QMI re*; ion duu : a aaswaor atontha, in a&H ti 

i would aofcv««t aoosa aal' nda high op on I »•• 

X had aoiaa axp*rianet wl th aait ground- for a Ik on the 1. >ja» 

x^aaorva a faw yaare ago which pro vol aatUf; Mai M 

wo aid ua tha o«aa her«« 

H Xh& el* atu. . \- Lwi o»a honuraa nefretlvss 

and au tat ) f«et ;rv f I Uu Hr. Htoary Jape I* ~<en 

fumlaneA.-arlth aoout a doses photo attisr&ewnts fro* Hilii lw**t( - 
flirt epeclsa<m» of ramfi a el* hav» baa; 

and asuntud. Partial I nfrr MUssi h&a seer; collected an) racr 
scout half of tha subjects In Hh alii » fciay Malta* »» tgn at 


I<&aw»nt3r„ to tat tU a a war* Alaaa 

■a of lRtcr:_ . i. On,. 1 stomach 

ex*salmsd, & naaaar of aayata at :-. ■ ari 

eow si* tAolaton a*U *n parti all >f 

Calif 'rnls» i fw* elisor epecljaens I . r'& 

«ntaot has ^een ajea* vita r. ah at the Montana J-ivesi 
.ani tbr^ Mm ftUfiai . laaaaai a$» sp*cl.*en» 1 

Ui« Jir.. tervi*« jrve^ and orost Service are all 

cooperating in a moat tgreaahlv aajr to a»<*e tha tilt lave a tlr avion Ml 
a saooess. 

- -^al aact ana , 

A stmt filing <*** fsr th«, aaa of tha aaaeatiemal >n w»s 

received was turn r to tha oh If naturalist* 

rtiao, a f llltt- oacw for lates vac received aal . into 

. ■• . 

17^> - ■ iana, ^a an. .„■-,- > 

Si Laaarbeg ■>9-mrtmmi . uoad wor^iB>t up aatl^atoa for 

•poaau roau raoone b m and aal .^a an. tioa j>lan.r. for 

i -'I aawson ani fl orta am .• tlon don 
mm 192 £ mas on. 


r "to m 



l80 - ircalarat -all ■vi ufc, -te « 

£ i&rs M £ r*i*aaa* mr& i*&&. \ • 

A eo;y ef the K*t>ur« So tea for v ri«a hi.-; 

.nittnc. .p rovaaHMgta an d &a* *onat n 

Ho saint** aonoa oi . i vsfr:« tea ft*a« 2S*»* tract.- 

•na gradar ware eas, Ltt Ml et tfataaottt to around 

quarter* -men to travels 

220 - . . 

■■WMfl . M <i^i mmm i i ■■■>■■ 

v»rj-QMt/ r :.b ■. ■ Storing the arnth the :*et*r Carpenter I 
iile aaeisU'Ott i ■ . : t'i r-. on the floors end n&fi la "b 

^aarttrs, c i . at >rtlr>n 
one sew bench ft* Um M I ytciaaaica 02, 
•hop end ooastn;ote4 »oa» new 3 i, I M) . 

~i a o tr 1 c a 1 run ar to. a t » $a$f chi&f el+atriaftaa was 
daring Ik . 1 inatailin ■': »i . t rm tkf 

uoerd, re-*irinf the iOAttotairs in u 

airing over three uenches In tnn guragu, .«- 

.hano*: and placing twelve Mar rail ■ '. Ul *iirnts In the 


.. laawl... 'ftptl . at 

Ml wyjigtS ["urlii- tTT a §3 Ul BNMMl iBtataaMMMl I* K •!*• U - 
lag end heating e^»t<-<as, operating foar ; r* aa 

plant* . :isn;& to &ater 

in coosalfiSftry sad *rraB#ia# a to; 

Garage . . la the garage her. consisted 

-/£» *nd cart; and re, airi- a&ith shop nea 

eeea wr^a av*r and ateae aaailavi'- for garage e-arfc* BUs new audit) 
ild grea ti* fuel lite to tfca dtecheaioa ■" a* It 

farce much needed «pac«. 

230 - g«e ;. l - :b*it an, --jUiiafia 

Bo chants i» tn* « u»ta* of oar mv cou&ir , *n all oar 

vert hAo ^oan dioaoaUMWt on aecooat of inci^attent war 

24^ - ■■ . Appro aotitf& to ti.^- »r,. 

c- omtraot^r on thd |ih aorta af th# per.. oot»«aa on - 
Hot jprlaga ani Cantiaar aw ptffcl to 

■it t is taction eo»pl*t : ha a *>©o aa-.qiivaat h? >;at 

of iacioBM>at wn . Hasv^ mowa aad *troiv vlacjr.' .th 

h«¥a aada von. iifi ^taaaa Oardlaaf I U son 

waa inpaaa&i)ia a a vara: . . 1 .. arlica ov«r .. 

G*; lllwr hsa uot aa yat ~aaa ewardo .-. 





2U> * -*atmm* etJat 

Vo ettesspt at isn-iece. iiv I r*. wes andertatftK murine the 
mmth do* to wei thar Conji*i«ns» 

300 - activities of Qtner >-, :ot in . r*. 

ill - QMHrsata r of i^rvics Parnate* *c 

Services to % vo hew i>e*e ii I I &s&er*l st 

at fcsmcaoth, which 1ft operated prlsaar. i 

u*e iorei resign.** 

5: - --onatl-i .._ ..cessans of all *lnd» 

A M)U)«r of «oo*s Ml pffiaphlets iriave ..mod ctoteinad mrlng the 
»>uth fr?- Gowraiait oarseue 6ii w roa#h otter sources for the Xellow* 
atnsu -iorery ana flat th« us* of the 4*&*K«tt«aai Elvira ■•-. . 

- Flore, gaan e end ga torsi -'henotaanft 

%L\j m mnu^r , & tor;-.»i: 1 -at : AU-u worries 

Sanger activities have eo Belated ; pally 01 

end snowshoe patrols Arwlll Life o;>serv; kl -otection, 

predatory snifliel hontln , el* feeding »t t ■# ^MNfe 

iteaaotii Hot >prirv s, deer feeding at iBetsaotfc end Oesae r>e* 

serration i^noh, antelope fee.. I i I r raapw north of the 

par*., cere end feeding of the ^*r i vice mi fatigur IseVttf at u*e 
Xencey ■Math* observing and report! u- titer an! activities at £aas*afth i 
'ings t KonrU, Lower, Midway ead ^pper Geyser satinet snoa depth e 9 
tewpara tares, precipitation and water f;a#e heights have &itts veea re- 
ported frora • tat ion H ta earttfchoat tilt park* Gtfear e>rvieee .-itee 
consisted of <dnor repair* to telephone llne» v «no*? reajaval frsa ■ 
Inga and roetiae station dtttlss. aiere he* .««& no variance fro* the 
regal* r pniro I acnedu-e* el thou.:, ir *s>] tltlama tot* . ten exceeding- 
I] Aiijic .1 sad waat aaHtlfaal have Oees aJtaaaali^ severe* 

UafMP ooir.n^r h»s exercised frsneral so- 
all protecUon dapartnsnt activities \urln th* ninth. He was 
rro'c the 1st to ' th, ani fra« the 25rd It iiTth at routine vai 
headqairtera dl lalag <--•♦ oeraad antelope fee ■ uaritad 

patroi.a ( end repairs to retflt and saddle horse tqalpaamt* he was i 

im head ; irrters froa the bth la 21st, isire, on 8 I 

spaotlon i*r peril} hv> proceeded l a. 

Ha-, :.iv«r»iae, UaeL MStlflB, Ptiaou; ll, -hose, 

La**, Canyon, and tfetnce to heb.^u^rtv»re vie SorrU . fmrti to 
zero tvoiporatu res were r*Q<xr&*^ < he was enront? between MssniaMl aad 

Qallatin. stress lew teaperetores ani uil.xard conditions red 


1«9 ■ 


Alaoct fell,? .-boat th* til . Mil ions were tr 

h<> ft- a «Vttr axpar laical, particulars... I MR &aw»oth and F#wb ?**a* 

faithful to Thaa» , tail Caayoa to fi&rrte • A fcYorabla & 
leg co.-. I teat exporiene 3&e Horri* and Baapaotli on I 

2JL«t» 'Viitn waft • • tion, fcavti i I ■•% the MMilioM 

that ?aBa* tr«*ei difficult w*r* fcaatfid ■ i cfa MM ■•— 

wrtji to i>© tauftlftUiJg, In priaa co ft I fires. r*4 
with daptha at fro 3 l£» It 56 inch** af loo 

Sha Ataiat3nt« OM ■ agar b*v\. I aaattlaaial 

In eharg* of &il patrUa and otfear activi 1 i«* 

•j Urritoriaa* 

420 - Mqsaaaa - e-rvico 

Sha phot^r© ; m for tha i'oralga Saarawr Ca«a la** baaa ro» 
celw.1 fli« tha B*w *a*laad tfovarnauat and hav* 4»««n tant t . .:&« 

for fraalag* 22i« l»aoXs for th t oaaa h»*a u««a aril wu 
Uat rii I one© baa &agoa* .ill aval labia pictures I 
aten gone over* Mr* Hayaaa Vean a to in regard to tu-ui; 

4.a> aiataafaajl photo« If fe a* aay have in his fii*&* 

srta far th - l **r -.mi kit 01 I :iava baaa 1*1 th 

trim aet. ftM oharte *v*ra$o 2f^ *#nS» eaefc ad Mr* t4*a&7*« ■**« 
Arnold alii add pan aaa ink; e*toiti oaf' uoare * cimrta &r# I 

be aadc* aoaala ttag the gr? I fair to be aiaplayaa at tha Old fat la* 
fal £a*ena«* &< taarjr ft«5»tcs©f ^ atta aft 

heigfcta era aaaalaaa aau Irs* Arnold la aaaalaal at pre*** 
drawings* aaa rosainiag i&bel* hav* **een ally ettoaaad aaJ all 

label « aitb tan **sep Uoa of that *$ far I .-ical oaaa will ae la 

I baade of thu printer oy :lnron lata Final samplec I bays 

been t&&oa ani aant att far th« aa*in*- or pbolaaiaragrapt-. in i*asoie* 
and microscopic al&aaae 

47^ - Ani»*la 

Forage co adit torn have been faaor an* l & aww 

al tboqab aba anow baa &aaa aattling »ai aaaa viaa raat aaa iavalopad 
ai&oa tna 20 th* 

*!*. ! Hangar* bava aau^lttad raoamt eoaaia M foliowai 

Haliroarin^ -.Utrlct, i - in Oaataa* 

wood Baaia 
Along iaaisr aivur uaio* sad* Batta 

••>•,., a»Uiaata4 , 

aaaaotb-a*riln-.-T -i»trlot l 9 1 

food Gxaaasa at Oapar * i*ower sto<i?b BaTafk 


Jaaotion of Pa^bla aad Soda i^atta ^ra«Aa ?ik> 

1 Mi ■ 

i wm r 

Along Jonee s».> .row BPa»s (aylwen l*ase 

t*i«tj 142 

-wen lA&a Fiate 110 

Ifsadowe tf est Oerdi |wej* near 

Fswn Cree* 
alo,.»: QMlM ree* la MM! Acinic of anb 
_l»r Iftltt 1? 

Along th« fireitolai Medic SM ti <*rt 

ful 26 

Along fan eree fas ..-i la tin i. r to Fawn 


SleOitaU .iatrict 6jo 


She Knows loesea alnce the cloea of the hunux*. season 
conaiet or 1 cow, a wir.ter fct -» a*tf another s^cl-;«ntoll u 
running against a ioneo at tha viaae «ratarvatlon iMMsW 

Signs war* | si aerl^ in the* bi tft on ■*• !M4t **s- 

tween Usa rso^ and the M«et Gardiner, slon,- the Vast S>nmd?«v from 
Gallatin ft tats en to : »eat lei lows t-nti ana along the 
tba -eat 3oan4aiy to Siadlaon Junction, Saere were also MaBersaa si>na 
along th& titan a and on the awadovt elo road jrr»-i I i to 

Maassottu There fin* etgns of e few assail i>»»i8 alone raliaai , 
KM mrtt Son oiwra and e»lwea wore t ail s? ! In i s 

of two and torwt during: a raaant petrol ^©tewen t.^eae 
appeared to ye in fair condlti I .. I "Anna i •- 

fair to gooi and are far superior It 1 one preTailli lag 

Fehrasr,, of last jsar* Locate, oo larstiwe this teoeos wiia i*>et, are 
as followet 

fhia aaaaom SIX to! , l66t winter kliie, 

Co. I, 2» ace -.i, l. 

Last aeaeont &y hantere, l,o$lj r &ille, c / 1 

Coyote tUXl -'.ante. »?•£• rotal 

L, ft. 

uQt t She oeer are appearing la increaain£ anaetsrs In 
vlcinitlee of kaaasoth, Gardiner, ani Oea» i'reaerwatior. sner,. 
coon la in theao dirt riots ere near aoraaal. The aaual na;:-ors r.ra alao 
repartad at Tower Fella ana Ift eatMTfese !3i« onl* -operant aisrte.-os, 
whan aossjarad ai m counts or last )•**?, ere in the Crevice, Cotton- 

wood mii ■aj&laaavinf . iatrlcta. She counts ani estimates thla a*a. 
are as followat 

aUasootb- r ietrict 206 

ao.-a * ru oorv ti on i ■ I Aa li i I « 


l?c i >untoi ob foed 

grounds, MUatU'J ?*.-0 
Crovioo, CottOMtOS I, R#l i roor In.?; Jistrlot 

FeithftU .Is trie t 

fcwer *slls district ?J 

Box Canyon (Soda Ban-; -re. c 

Corpora with tOU rep or tod teiftf roeruory 5J3 

of lost yoor* 

Looms* oos|> art tiro this ooason «-ltb lost, ore *e follows* 

Sblt oooaoci Wlti w/ hiantrt, yl; .6, 8| 

.wr ciils, ot Accident, 3l 2ot»l 75* 

Loot eeeeoni Killed ay nan tore, 6^1 Oogroot si lie. J 

.wr *iiis, 5 1 tottttattlt ti ?• 

fieeon t counts oro submitted os fallows* 

vo-n^on oad lit* averts 4j& 

Bel lroering lo tr 1 ct 1 
Jane tl or. -atte 

Jeofceon Sired* 2 

AOiother *ioanteln fr 


Ccwpnro »l th tr>tei count of I/O r*|>r»rteu In Febmsry loot 

soot, oowparetite »i th loot seeesm to tho close of 

feoruar,/ , ors os«si 

.2 oooe-mi Ulod ^ nun tors in ..yo:*ln#>- ot Lllod 
disease, Oi -otsl o« 

Lost seasoni billed ey h an tors I fty-aslng 8| 'lii.c. 
disease, 10t '-total 18. 

Qonsldorotfio los::es sr« ttna%n to novo occurred 
during iiorch, April and ii»$ or lost year, caused ay tho scabies «it*s 
oat hair long warsi InfooUrtn*, 2ne lossos or» believed to have greet 
exoeedod tho reports of losses ajeerveu. Shore Is aelieved to mo to boon 
o looo of rjortt turn ytf at tho herd daring the spring osteon of lost 
year* Fortunately, the aleeese appears . em ran its r nurse, &s tho 
oondo andor oasorvfctlor. this seoson oppser to novo fully recovered* 

Lntoiojpo i ur largest count this season 1> ♦.■iO* Ret h 

rod and t «nV*>iU ho to boon recau- <nt*d on I 1 rongo 

laottdlately north of th* yarn., .aoont counts wl thin tho par*, alone; too 

t. IttfID 



» »*aqpeO 
imm ftfci 

• bony ■ trt •** *«WP * 

a.tfWIi ni U'.' Sur' ■■ v A-' - 



el ope e of ivarta and S«palch*r Jfeaemtain* aoeount for approximately 


:;«•», camera tlve alth le&t mik to the cloee of 
rVorjarv, art* *a foliowe: 

able eeaeons Killci ey cqjrot**e, 141 imliMMli 1| 
Total I . 

iM*% e»a«om Killed &jf coyote, B* accidental, ?; 

Oalewl' illj fell] .in tars, $1 Ma*) I . 

cor«iiti ma ara safavor auit> «... r r«n#e »lthla 

the park uaoaaao * II I In ravlsK* Mi h^liowe mi alon** the 

north line foxjoe. A cruet haa forae* of rofficlant etr* MM* 

the velgi t of co^ota* which &£*« t/*ir vi M Into Um MM MU 
run the* down with coapersttw ease* tare e<m recently 4et- 

in this nenner within a f rii of aooat • ««#&• I fftrta mi -lag 

a*ae to 1st* the beade within the per* to a >dntur f 
lately north of Mf -•oondsry snore th*>£ ara provided Lta sb abandonee 
of artificial f eed, eoneletlu af alfi Ifa rmj* ^fe#r* le rtMj 

fro* predator; ralde in tfcie locality aa .!?>»* are lees 

favoreuie Mr uselr eacoeaa. 

Bpe le t Count* nav : ■ « <& aee-ired this e«eeo« ee follower 



CT ,.o«ch Creek 

Soda antte 

.low k'trz end Met Oar 


Bel 1 roaring 

Gallatin 6 

Jleektall £ 

eenhUr 5 

liftller Cree* 4 

lllow Creek 3 

tear t'aila 2 

Ml -iTor 2 

Foaftta in ? 

K S 

ira have aiao aaoaltted eatl aat^a, in e^-iuion to the 
actual counts, These as tin* tea are oaaei on ima ou*erv*J 
OB their patrole. The localities* neas of obeervere am naabsre »e- 
llnatei are a» follow* t 


\v MOlo «• ; •# fli t lM 

■ .J J . • » - - 



Saerofare ietrict 

y»n i'eas 

iuwtt Cr«o. HH trial 

rtraatt L«*ta 
Oftyl&ttg ^istriot 








Jfooa* lastas U;ib »ee»i3, CO iterative , ara 

•• f5llOW»* 

•hie Net . j -l.i«<l ay banters in tfm EU 

Last season' CtllM ^ banters in QpMftflft 1-. 

Ugt : Igj fegggg -i ••• r -'^ii taa oouafc nfcaatM la Mm Jam 

r«j ort pairs » total of •, 03r^»i8tia|r af £oi •rfait* m4 . . -$*• She 

calf tt«ri in La oorrala at tba ^effaio Ufcaeh wears *«*■• hM fcaan la 

prqgrooa si oca Jaan&ry *}tfc. at feadln*,- started an rearahr v fill, asaat 

50 Ja„ * labor tbaa ths aaoal tista* *b« * ant oc thu f««d gr .-as 

av«r&g*4 a&sat ^7^* -tioar is«t;4* hav* &aa& r«csr:U„ eoi&tag 
ln# loaalltlest 

Vicinity of «asw>r .Ivor Bii4it«» 9n f est siaa nf 

•r l&j 

*lo»g ltaa# eras* trim laami . > Ua^yfta 63 

Vicinity of .toser Falls Stall 1 

Kallraflft] t strict 1 



Loasvs aad il- asa*s t< is aasarm, oosgmrati?® st ysar, 

ara as i'oilo*ai 

Shis aaao : 1 slaoentena ft>r iaarA«t MO 

HIM -acaaaa of aeclOa&tal 

Injuries 2 

Killed aaaaaaa of physical esa- 
tlxi b4 f*r?»ciooa alaposl- 
tlon 2 

8M 19 • 

Last aaaaani > tears slaughtered t&r a»ffc«t 25 

t-.iii&d ueaaaae of a< al 

Injuries 1 

Killed ;>W8aBO at ft \ s~ 

pealtt 1 


mi Mitt .. : L. 


>* >? 


Vint i 1 

*.!** aai-*ai.a oftf.'turtKt 

and ahlpped m 

2otal 54 

itaffalo* Cola Cr&a..-- fellowic vra ».. Sandra h«v^ s .- 

arttiad coast* tmt SStSS ta fa ilea •) 

jilcnn QHMi *y*Jlow» 
*lout; -•ilia*' Or««k 
along -alfe JraaJt L 

ftaov and foragt eondltlwa aro a&f*rora*le and the oondi U 
of tfcea* &#anda ntn^« from pp»f to f*lr« 2ha? *ra- y«iU*?«d to oavpa 
auffurad aawrj loaaaa daring tht winter of i??/ en ^ 19®6« on eecoaat of 
the uaueoal mov depta, atfvsrae weatner &nd f»ra$* tftail at 

£eera » fe« tfw*rs have i»ee& in hleerasilM t r 
•oath aftt in viae of eat fact that Maty rtil t M t, r**;, .<#- 

fnro the date of aba atst Popart* the amataa-s Mill ef iMt aan 

and loeaes, operative tble ee«-eaa wit." i^e ■ fcod he-- 


Coaata aae-iti tted In illy, V)S$t 

*ae* ana era* a v»rl«t. en>a 

. laallea, Ineiadiog 3i «*» lu> 

«1 330 

She aoti-.Pt*.i total for a%e entire par*, el 
oiaoiu ai amtt a*u 140 sriaaii js. 

>3parative leasee er« ae I .0: 

ls aea«oni N 1 ore^n varlfct. - KAUea 1 
hjatore on areaa e»tiairia)g the park 

OrUaiie* do 

«aat ao'>ooat a la ok 4 <,rt*wa variety, billed 

feameata *ri ere* nerlnf 1- 

^rlsaiua do 4 
ehlpped to Oily af Baa-war Bo#4ay1 

•r* i_ 



W : «S 

■ :■< 


rredotorj ,4U--*l* : 'lot have aeen a«str»?*d 

since the January report* ±>.u tot*^ If 2o-_ 

with 256 to the cioae of reo«ar;> l; ■."; i& i, ,, 

end l6$ St tfte Cioee of i ; «»rr*r;, 1 1 4* is the .-uetlng see son 
for oft; tea una io:ur lndiviaael« ort> rferwij seen. laoO* 

tO 6 *:-e 00*000*1? 0«»«rY«a» *Re; ame elonfc IBO Croat 

ana •rs-.» sxtre.-urly alert and anappioachaii** 2bey fire o<*rio$al£ aaotutc- 
iag the antelope nerd fit this tin©, a& fcxpiainee in s proolooi paragr- 
Of tfcia repast. !!•• report It oatelo$ * 

Small Anlaaie * Bangers htv« wwrto^ HOPt eigne of a-oll 
an Las 1 5 una eeneon then •iartnf any winter **rs» le 

on apparent eauatentlel increase of - -.^r, :sa£--.rot l Ml 

In the order nested* Shey novo toon oeon In such profusion in the 914 
foithfal, '^oro/Aro* 1«m.o on-i cenyao si strict* that It u lapvootiooole 
to estimate their no^oro* Roagers estiojeie 230 otters alor< shares 

of fallows ton <« IojUi ani report iseny eifene of aiafc* Beaver activities 
noes ween aoraal this oeaeon* '2h«r* have oaon « for? $u ■ :" foa Mkl 

frequent OftgM Of lynx. 

■»ater t'oel i Several varietlea of *OinO« BesjaaO SOOOOi 
en ooooatorau poir ->f swona ere sttii seen on fe re of the 

per*, particularly along Ute &adifton, stone 

ill vers. iholr auoaaro will* no doatot, i»c &J oafaeented 00* 

coarse of the next i'w* «eo/.s» 

Jaffa! end ■: ;her Hanoto ->pe re Uo.. :.■• •■ iwnch activities have 
conaieted prineipeil; ?f the* folior/lov J 

daff&lo lianchi Cera and feeding of oat'folo ; , 
saddle horae* am ranch proper; . 

Yaaoay nanchi Cor* and footing of ?er*t Servic^ and ranger 

horse a t average nuawv . inie w>r,. is ■ ranger at 

Sowar Fella lot lorn, in oMiOtoo to Mo OOtreXfl ani other pro too ti' 
service duties* 

ireaervetion Hanchi Feediog ieer sad antelope ■ 
door and 226 antelope } v *n>.> dail? patr^i* of their winter *fj ...talde 

of the par . 

A full report of ho; t«t^ ot Mm vwi •«» raaoaoa will N ooIn 
nit ted when wild antral feedin.- le aonelodoi* Bm^ generally abandon 
tne feed erooado I vfor* april 10th» 

460 gator* a tht/n^afeno 

A daoldod inoreaao amr*» the ectivit; of Ifea Xoaomta Foraations 
for the oxmth of foferoary* Hj/aon lOrroco it ret - iai;; its activity. , 
store aotlvtt at pr^aent than at an; ti-te> dar ..a past year* Harrow 



ut* m 

.'it ■..:'■ 




m •& vtft 

Gang* has sxtondad Its activity axon*? tha antir- rldga »»<* i* * »»»t 
aoaixtlfui si L . t at taw praaaat tfasa* Miami It tea nuld ap wail fina the 
dacrasaa of activil* » lot. asosdlj C0fi*as In I early saaraer 

hsa aada no signs "I atartin M ,/at. Km* hJ ... ■ 
*sjrrecas sho-* v«ry little e&an&a la MtivtVi atolla 3«w aa$sl Is aaaa 
mUv« than it lias ^*an for aavaral aaaMfca* 

A saw nHH IMM af a aa a oa. .--rds wtat at tha v«nt of 

aloe springs* Shis apr i;.c i» *? hn sj 'it tha alga* ha- 

not ^ainaJ • foothold within ( Inches of ttM vent. Bfct »prl» --a 

to a hal&ht of 10 Inches torn*; ti . r ataattU 

JSltto Springs* aotiv* «il sinter, show a <sae and 

are aor* active at tha present than at an> Mm ilnoe laa* of t 

tourist season. 

*ha following o«s«>rr»aone are for dH<*», laaaata to 

Feeruarj i.5tri, laoiaalve, m£ vsrara made i*y 1'ar* Sender . 

3urffeCfc ■ ater - She aooor.t of surface water preset: t la >■ as 

lucres sad slightly over that of January* stolen In -aa greatly 

increase over that of .;>ec«a«er» 

rrosen oat Sinter - - vi-nnaai of this a»t of sinter formation ware 
seen la aavaral piacoa ov^r lat 1 ail in aaowat comparable I 
previous reports. 

^■..^'vu .>- > - .* La feasors nee aqeeft ia ae i eaetaaa ri . 1 ■ perlmla* 
iu Jiuianry It «aa to ali appmrmv** entirely dry, all water 
lag oat of sight a»d uy sound jaaged eosae 28-50 faat the r- » 

February iat It was observed that Hat wat- al was ap to only 

6 foot ualow tha ri i m< tha pool *ve spartinr this watur v 
faat heists nearly eeneteatl„ • 

-;.ooxnotlva - .laying 3-3': feet W# ■••* & tft e ttenu 

.nyx - .laying S?~3i" faat high awiah of t ata 

arsenic Spring - Sha asaall oponlufa n&r* playing aornallyi M anaaaal 
activity aaa no tad aa n I for tha largt<: laat meat 

wonatant q^yaar - So actlvit w -..»aarv»d« Tttm all ln^loatlnna It la 
a till lnactlva as alnca Sovo^ar. 

tthlrllfflg Goya or - aamtlaaa 2-4 sunatas* hoi^ta a- at, sj >** 

.. ii Lrraffalaa ai La JMMaaf]r« 

Valentino ■Jo^aor - i«ot ouaarvad actl . 

tadtra u^-aar - .laying ' - fast on tha I 1 tvr natat at 

t .•■!-. 

km* ••wu 



bjr aqppoaadly irrsgolar latarY&ic* 

:;Ioc^ Urowlsr • So chanfo noUoaafcl* f Ml Janaarjf acti^it* » 

Sir* Cmttn- avyaar - -laying to heights of ?-5 ana 12-1*; fs«t from north 
and couth oriricas r&; «iy» MTfttl ma f- - -2j sinutoaf 

intorv&la irro 

*lnata Man Uo.tor - ; layln JHUI fa«t a et i;. tar- 

sals of l£«-3 »l»atss • 

.• Ixus - Fltyi -10 f*«t i . j short irregular ©part* far duration* 
of o fav aoconia. 

l«0war (*ej**r aasin » So aaaanai activity -«aa Du»»rv»<3 la this smJ 

tho uaaai tri >'»»r It was in the main obsIUj a* *&<■» Saw Gutter is 
known id os/a .xtou active, anJi frosa evU«ac*a «t a Hsuace in no 
wa> aoanfed frost th* last M4 activity, mm 

t ined* 

, aftla t 2hs aaoont of surface water was gMfttty l atfta t a i feara* 
&W evidenoee of aiatar fraesing oat of ablation were ouasrvad ti 
the rone of *-icale lor sad . i amoctnt of raa-^ff we tor fraai 

thaaa two f>> nation* «*■ fraat** i .»-4S»as of thai I et &i 

provisos tiflfe* Flood Gs^avr was rlayi ^11 fMt feign Irresolarlr 
aa uaoal* 


fllacalt aoeli, - eg iiioladaw i U» list af win tar t>;;epars tores ta«on 
and following tale report* 

*rt«alsU - l»i ii* P~$0 fast hi#i for 7-5 alaatos »t irregolar inter- 

j| i;i.l/.- ■ ."i - Mill* a; H IMf M0I Ml a>| Ifctt ■* *> it IWf ale* 
uut lo^ar intervals* 

Jewel - Inptiag ever, /-j minntee ay s single apart /-ID foot high 
""and lasting - - a. 

Avooa - (014 Uoatard; Vlaylag 4*S *•«* ***# ft* w**l adnata durations 
"at irregular intervale* 

jIooic Sand a&eln i 

i anohsowl « Ilea ueen tailing op ^-10 iuohee sa oeaci. 

Mooter » lr^/ln >- : . fast high aoet of tha tliaa -ith an oeaaalonal 
•roption 1^-2.; faat high. 

Cliff - lo anaaaal or high aritptlons iuaown of Istal^; ant it la aaill 




m i 

• *•. ■ 


•i. m 

MM* B 


r . 

2-3 fee * fclfife *»•* ef &* ***» a* oeoc I . 

Bandfceronicf i ool - She aeael convoc ^ ifranu la the *«t»r «re eo- 

eaat m f "rted La Jenai rj . 

Hive raj Jo Go„sor - lay la, .i»n «sx iatarval fm - are lone, to 
heights of ^-1J0 feat fro» 2/ mifcas. 

Gr>tto a 8C0*at - lay it* JjHR *••* high irregular 

Daley - i laying e*»f*i '••* fair,* for 2^-3 aiaatas ct i. /&- 

tfy -ninates* 

^lon£ - v laying a>-2* feet high ifrf close to *• &lnate» nt x ■ 

lent - layed January ;?£th* and on Fesraer,, . 3ae I to 

""• hei#At of i >-200 foot for &2 akinates* 

Oread - leaWtaa; aaata. refjalarly on a 15-14 Np» ; . terwcl. Heights ru» 
froa 1* "l feet; durations froa i - ^iaute*. 

J asalll - -laying 10**9 foot hl#h for 1»» aaratl.naB »t irregular *>ut 
short interweie* 

Caatia - I lay lag dally from J&5-B0 foot Ugh for - .. tea* 

~loa • laying 4**T^ '«•* °l«o *' stlBtttoe at 3- Intervals. 

Spoaga - Flayiag ?-' fe*#t nigh frequent.. 

^>n - .-4 ay it. - feet hl&i - sinatee 1 .y. 

3sehive » *iayea ■»•■%!■■ between waaaery 22ai a«4 Fstiraary 2nd; sad 
played following Glenteaa in the Bight of ieeruery 4th« 

u Ion tees - I layed oa the afternoon of leoraary 4th tar ov m oars* 
the period in which wator wee erupted laatiaf- o. . 
ami the raat of the foar hoar- iven to tatem and enough 

aoaaapaaylag water to fana a fiaa mist e^surr . it 

also on January 14th, neaae the interval *es ,,e. *h« eruption 

famished a &«ee for observations of the affect af th. 
tasters fro. araatlmi on the f rosea out sinter so he; ionaed 

la the ilantee* runs. She great amoant* of wator thrown o 
carried folly JjJ of sooh slater, in , the erupt! oi 

into the irlrehole "iver. tires) these t It seems that 

thu ulna test way oe ooaiag eaaa Into echli, ■ 

i m i 

.1 • jolthfai - iiffarta wn madt to gst halt I • th tha hyaoiaatar, 
taSt of tha stain jot saa tha $«akj uut tht ■ V wa» ao i ~ 

favors *t ao raaulta can '* *»»p ware shtaiafth) . 

ffct flr*t tl* d*yS wars tOO Wtf« ft»J CiOJiy, thft UftftOB osc - 

ground of ttty aaain^ It Iwyttslalv; tr> jib ah tli« vttar from 
tii* stecas and s*y. "ih* reaalala toys war® so if 

thay had o«» cisor tfcs aroptloat throw ap so swiah stasia that it 
woe lapottUls It ff+t M I ra#alts, ihis was aspweially tat tf 
half-hta of tha jft*ln j«t as this follow ft it MM U 

too tsach sts&r h~-a srissa frost the colassn to sllosr diffsrsfitisx 
tho ftttttai and *stor» The a«xt»a» h l$8»V t» 

ths Intervals fr^ - »inatas» aa4 tha 5-4 son- 

atas «ad 10 asconda* 

ianctive Groop - Of the gay tart gan® rally iacludad Iran sal 
has oaaa inactive all aoath es fir as I* *nowa* 

Soto '» ftjaawa .'.Tf.-M, at Mtavaath Hot uprises * Kara tha snoaat of i 
ruff water hTs lacrassad tro^ f/8 inch la lata JttNMy It e f-.. 
X Inch tha lGSa of Fahrnsry t* data - Mi ir v /r*l 
largast r&B-off oaaorvoa, and aa lacraasa tf 

510 - laoraa su or Jacraass of ^raval 

' 11 n urn 1 ■ < iim «»»»i—— ■— — — —» 

All antraaoa and exit traval tinea tha Janaary art has 
scan via tho Jforth Gatawty* Shis travel has oomals i pally of 

visiting olar^aaa* stlssaam, oat lata* dollars and friynas of local 
raaidante. vlnt.^r tot sen vieito»rs an* sot registered Wfftm entering 
or leaving tha paric bat ths travel oiMreraea ay tha r«a@*r at tha Sardl- 
MV Satewfey is as followet Cars* 01 vaettMHk $2* 

2h« pre-aeason travel at tt« las a of February ^ lfJ i'°* r c^ 1 ^ 
aiats of 2,989 victors Un I . :>»jpars with 2,l^h 

visitors ia 775 «■*» *t tha eltaa of g a ar s y r y last jasr, 1,p : rs 

i.: y; cars la VJ2J » aa4 f/14 visitors is* l£. care at th© clots of Fttrt ' 
ary, 1^2C» 

5 2J ■ Qaasr 1 aathar Ota lUoias 

521 - in the Par a 

S3a» aaaaa tsotparatora for dia si^ath ass tha lo^ast la so von 
yaars *n& 6° coliar than faoroary, oao yaar ago, ,.oyj>t for tha first 
four days, tansparaioras aara ^snar&lly salow aorwl, tho' ,-;raatast 
dapartaraa occarrlur at tha and of tha first %aa^» l^a /tc was tha 
ooldaat day with a assn tastpsratara if -1? ". Tha alalaMass Wsporator^ 
oa this data w*s -?7°, tha lowaat for tha month sad tha lowest of any 
Fasruary si not 11',. Sha hi-t>ast tamparatara ata Vj° oa tha 2nd. 


99 / ■ ■ <33 '■' M WO ■ 

« ritr. 

«D V 


m ■ 

-«0'- v«f - ?-tf . '•• i • **-«.l ■' .,•.-. i -./a' 


Snow oocarr*<i on nil out tow? days vat frsnan*lly la smell 
aatounts* 2*1 laobaa &«i»g tat greatest ?4»hoar fall. 2aa total snow- 
fall for too raontb was 8*5 lno&ts, 5*9 inctoaa oelo* ta« normal feat 
3»2 inefcoa raoro than tabxuor^t oa<> j-i&r ago* 'lbs total aaovfall 
aqaalad J»7? Inch of pracipltaU •:>«, or watar* about £o parcant of too 
normal aaoouu ./now aTar^ad I$«) inch** a M list grooatf »t 

tfto sad of tha a»n th, the most in six ^uar»« fat water content 
aaoa eorar waa 5»i° lnci;«#*. 

3ha psrosntage nt tha poaalala Sttnahina was naor n->ra».l 
aosawhat sora than tha asael mount of eland touts Kcrnj, 2>sro 
wars 4 clusr days, 7 p*rtl* cloaay, 1/ cloudy, m « 1 Im 

or aora, of pracipitatie: . 

Sha wind mowasat was bo low tha aaraal -4 th an ovor^eo voice i 
of o*4 adlaa i©r hour. S&adaraUjl^ strong winds occurrad on. ssvaral 
oa/» uat 11$* t winds wara geaarai. ins fcigfcsat walocit^ was .as 

par boar ffon lbs southwest on tho 20th. Out pranaliiu ir«cU :, was 

: >ths * •■•■ dap tha taxaa^aaat the par*:, will) tmpara ti vs 

figures for I3&8 and IM , Uta n^ tad as follows* 



aaffalo .anon If 26 22 

Swdft aatta Csula 

Caoito iHsfHf station C? 

Sowar Falls l§ 20 

id felthfol 

i**a 44 

ffearofara M ^° 5$ 

Hallroarlag 1© 15 20 

Sarria 36 35 

aayon Ji jl 

HlTsrsiio $ tit 

Oaliatln 24 ?G 

Silvan rass $*> 

gna^s Risar bl 

Baahlar Ivor 107 

Oppar Slough Craa* 3& p 

Btptas aro r« ortad at otttar points at followat 

Carta era a* 

Mountain ,-roafc 

Foa CrauM 50 


"t ."!£:• 




:i '. 



1 •"- 

r \ 





-»..^/- ■ • 

3wo Ocmb Plateau 72 

Alter Creek H 

ontiayntsl i;ivide It 

Ca seeds -sola IM 

iican Pfvafc 

IUst Creei divide bO 

Cold Cree* v:&oia || 

* trans lo* teapere tores scarred during th« eoli save of the 
Cth sad /in, as follows t 

aiverside - j degrsse 

daff alo .'iench -47 

Lake action «4 " 

JfeOBOth «*Tf 

Jns^a aiwsr *fl • * 

Beohler -?1 * 

540 - Visitors 

Hr. . 1 in*ey, represent la. the «-G~ii Saws csaw into 
the per* si Oerdlaer oa February 5th» to seeu - the 

•stasis sou winter life si ttsanota hot ^pri:. . MM ioturec Ml 
taicsa on the tf&amoth vfturreces la -anion s nmmr ef th» local laallaat 
participate .:. .. . , . 1 S'Xfe f ths snteiope 

sad deor or. the Ctaa* Press rv tion fiance oats id o la* north untranee* 
Bs lef t Tin Gardiner on the aktiu 

• - Ml ace Hansons 

Post Office i Bo aausaal fea tares - part, as ss was 

•boat Borasi for Fefcruer, . 

rvlcss t So services were h*id at aaiu e o th daring the en- 
tire aont: * 9m roeds aetw»>.. infrston sn^ Gsrdlnar were iropasesole 
st tines daring the aonth sua «t no tlae were the? coafortasis for 
travel* Shis proeeoly hindered the alnlsters fross attempting to ooost 
op to the park to an« 

Hospital and Medical ^urvlce t . i*ram ft* ■****>• rssider. 

claa* reports J2 cfti month, which 

and rssldanoe cells* 

■ Feoruar. I carnival aad denes was hold in ths osatoea, whi 

was well attended fey residents of *oth Gardlaor aa: tteassoth* Much 
pleasure was derived by matters of the oossaonlt., frost parties, s&etlag, 
SKiing, walloyuoll, roller &*atlnf/ and co&stlng* 

February ?7th offlolsl sard wea received that the President 


' « 

mi a «.-'**» 


\0 B, 

tut i 


.*"..; I a 

htd »i<?n«d on ?«bro»r,> 2b tb MM hill which cr*tt«d th« Grand 
Katioiuu t'»rtc s mte of th# l*i iowtt-mt . -is wts xww* I 

s« in tn* Iisti. £sl iNur* i#rvlce vto h»v* wcttehc-d for y**r* I 
fight to Moar« for |klt ttqpfl—t *>ant«*in *e«n#ry a»ti 
• t*tas« 

V«ry truly y wi < 


,,,'•' f.</,t i \ 






!•! low* tons 


National Park for the Month of . .:..' oi>ra ® r V ' 


This | 

t 1 




| Percent 

| Month 

[Last Year| 

Increase | 


ijiles of circuit maintained, 
Jo. of telephones connected, , 
Jo. of measured service calls, 
jfo- of other local calls, . , 
Btal No. of local calls, 
Peak load in calls per day, 




Receipts from measured service calls, 

" " coin boxes, 

telephone rental, . . 



Jo. Outbound calls, 
Jo. Inbound calls. . . 





• 078 




Peak load in calls per day, 

molt -aw*-&»i*..J».-;M»JU-Oo«) 


40 ' 











40 -4! 



ulessages via Western Union, 
Messages via 


Seceipte from telegraph business 
So. of money transfer messages, 

receipts . 



HO»fl3TMI. 3HT 30 TM3MT9A93a 



J" (1801 3? 


333WI3US H<UH03J3T CWA 3M0Hq3J3T 10 TH013H 
aa.seionI rfjnoM arrfT j 



o T M 

■ i^rrr, ,!■:.— ■jjssu. 

' » 

aaaniaua JAC 

beniB-JniBcn iiuoiio lo ael 

. ( betoennoo s9norfqe!eJ lo . 

.alLao eoiv-19-tf bsiusBaai lo . 

t eI£*o ; [booI lerWo to . 

>0 .Off 1,8^ 

, allBO sorvToe bdiuBBem moil efqiea 
, aaxocf nioo " 
. I«^n9T enoriqe 

3-T<U303fl JATOT 

333HI3U8 30MAT3ia OH 

. sXIbo br^roa'j'uO . 

brwodnl . 


r ^Bb r ni bBol tf£ 

333HI30a H1AH03J 
.... r ao-r"tf rn«,ta Baajssa 


1 33DA333M JATOT 

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National Park for the Month of .. 

?.::■■■. Y, V)-*j 


This Month 
Last Year 

!ber of employees beginning of month 

iber of additions 


•ber of separations 

iber of employees close of month . . 






■mber of promotions during month. . 

ggregate amount of annual leave taken 
gregate amount of sick leave taken . 
jgate amount of leave without pay. 




33TAT2 03TIHU 

jannoanas to butat 

lo rfJnoM erf* iol jJijsI lJsr.oiJ*K 

iseY J rfJrioM 



rfJnom lo i©cf eae^olqms *} 

, . . . 

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snoxJ.s'iBqaa lo *i 

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^T. neX&S evfiel Isunn* lo Jnuocos etf-egaiaj 

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•I lo Jni/OOLB 





National Park for the Month of 


-XallOftftian* . - — __„_ e&hoiury 19fl9..~. 

This This Last Increase for 
| This I Travel | Month Travel Travel Year 
| Month | Year Last Year | 

To Date Year To Date Number Percent 

Current generated, 

Sold to park operators, . . . 5632Q.0 i>S3130.0 64030.0 SltfSaQ.O 750,0 £i... 

Sold to others, 179.5 99925.2 174.3 ?86&9.ft l£>3d&.4 

Furnished to other Governmental 

Jsed by National Park Service, 
lost in transit, etc., . . . 

Total current generated, . . . , . . ... ... 3-j44 0aa0 ,2 — 03364, 

Amount receivable from the sale of electricity, $ 


* Indicated by K. W. H. 

i 23TAT2 OBTIHU ( 


DT3 ,aaau ,ajoa .aaTAHawao YTioiflToaja* 

1B9Y lavs-fT 

j'neoTs^ I -i-stfmirW 

ten axriT airiT 

XevfiiT riJ-noM | favjsiT | airiT 

ijseY ia&J. isaY | rttnoM 

9^«a oT iJsaY leted oTl 

IP •• v sow ( 

, 810>t,BT9qO JiTSq OJ bio 

. . . t Q-ieziSo ot bio 

^asfli- g . ot a o j * 

ijs^narnmavoO i9ftto oJ Jberfaimu 


( 90ivT98 tfijsq IjsnoiJjsH \d bea 
. . . ,.ote ( )rsn&ii ni Jeol 

. . t f>s.teT9n98 J n 8 two I&toT 

v,tioiiJo9l9 lo eljsa srfJ fflOTl eldsvigoan tnuoau 

,H .W J nd beJjBoibnl ! 







I*llo«m.ten« i 

lational Park for the Month 

of .JftlJb 

ru^ra? 1929, 



To Date 






To Date 

Increase for 
Travel Year 

Number Percent 


)ars first entry, , 

pars reentry, , 


Total motor vehicles, . . , 

Persons entering via motor 
irehicles, , 

Persons entering via other 
private transportation, . . . 

Total persons entering via 
private transportation, . , 



23 1050 


23 1069 

52 2999 

_&2 2989 








115 215« MM 

_US 2i5§ 323_ 


Persons entering via stages, 
Persons entering via trains, 
Persons entering otherwise, . 
Total other transportation, 

5Z Jfflfl9_ 

JJ£ 21&&. 






Number Percent 

ipers in public camps during month, 

I 23TAT2 03TIMU * 

flOlfiBTHI 3HT ^O TH3MT9?AS3a 

t h o q a fi 

J 3 V A H T 

lo rftnoM erfJ iol ^tbI iBnoiJfiH 


iol eaaeTonl 
iboY levsTT 

J-nsoTe^ TecftnuM 


9JBQ oT 





9j£<3 OT 













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.itna iziil si 

,TO<Jn991 81 


. . ,89l0lrf9V TOXOID IJSjfOl 

lotoai bxv gnxTeJn© e. 

T9rf^o Biv gniTg^ns snoei 
, . . ,noiS&iioqan&it e^BvJ 

bxv §niT9Jne anosiaq l&iol 
,noiiB^ToqenBT,J eJsvxic 




, aagBJa bxv sniT8Jn9 8noei 

,aciiBii bxv snlieSnG enoai 

( 98iwT9ffJo gniT9^n8 8fl081 

.noxJ'BofToqBnBT^ tecito I&tol 



Jn80T9l T8cfnujW 

, rfjnotn gnxTji) sqaifo oxlduq nx eelxcfomoj 
. . .iub aqmeo oxlcfoq nx 8T8qni 





?*lloe*-ton« National Park for the Month of ... J^teawry. 1&29.,. 

Percent j Percent Percenl Proba 

Description of Projects j Constructed! Constructed! Constructed | Date of 

To DaLe \ This Month j Last Month j Completion 

90 change In projects during the month. 

aaTATa aannu 


. . HOHTUA 10 2UTAT3 
juasri to rfJnoM erft lot tf-wS IfinoiJsW 

.93 goiel | JneoTel 

.ioO|tieJouTj3noO| 090011 to nox JqiioeeCI 

j rfJrioM Jajsj J rfJnoM airlT | 9jfiQ oT 

,Mmm z.u 30*106 a*»»t**n n I f*oaifo 




TtUMMtiMMI National Park for the Month of MtaMflK.XM* 

This Last 
Year Y<^ar 

Park revenue on nana beginning of month, Zob ,052.18 

Received, § jMt«4I 

Total, 270,5&4.60 

Remitted, „^3j!9jM*^6Q_ 

On hand close of month, ,..,,,,,,.,... 0*00 

Park revenues received this year to date, ,J 4.60 

Park revenues received last year to date, ■ 237,179.13 

Increase, ___ 33,375.47 

Percent of increase, ,,,,,,,,,,,. __. ..-_-_. Jkfc*._